Ya puedes comprar las entradas para el nuevo espectáculo de Farruquito

Ya están a la venta las entradas para el nuevo espectáculo de FarruquitoCon Uds., Farruquito.

Las entradas son para el espectáculo madrileño con el que dará el pistoletazo de salida a su gira, en septiembre. Tiene una duración de 75 minutos, y los precios van desde 20 euros (entresuelo) a 36 Eur. (patio de butacas).

Cómpralas aquí: http://www.entradas.com/entradas/farruquito-baile-flamenco-evento_1_2_28_68466

¡Que lo disfrutemos! Farrucos.com estará allí y lo contará.

8 thoughts on “Ya puedes comprar las entradas para el nuevo espectáculo de Farruquito”

  1. I am very curious WHEN there is a performance in the Netherlands. I cannot find anything on sites in the Netherlands…..
    I really want to see a performance of Farruquito in the years 2011/12. If he does not come tot the Netherlands, I come to Spain !!! A big FAN, many greetings, Connie

  2. I have just booked for Baile Flamenco in Madrid for the date 15/4 2012. I come from Holland and looked every week om the net tot find more information….. You can book via entradas.com and via Cortes Ingles. The performances are from 4 april – 22 april in Teatro Compac. Hope that I inform the fans in this way…..
    Is the webmaster sleeping??????

  3. Dear Connie,

    This is a fan page and not an official page. The webmaster (myself) has a job, and kids, and a busy life. I do what I can to stay up to date with the family’s performances, since there is no official way to find out. I’d like to quit my job and devote my whole time to the farrucos, I’m sure I’d do a better job that the official page (farruquito.info), which is still listing the shows for 2011. But that will never happen, and this is all I can offer for the moment. My apologies.

    I’m sure Farruquito’s show will mesmerize you! Enjoy it.

    1. I didn’t see your comment until now! I’m sorry…. I did’nt realise that the site was not an official one of the family. It’s all a bit unorganized….. They dance better than organize…. In the meantime I visited “Farruquito baile flamenco” twice (on 14/4 and 15/4) en enjoyed it very much. Indeed it is verry difficult to find the performances and I don’t know why OFP and Farrucos stop working together.. I will keep folowing the site and thank you for all your work !!!

  4. Hi, Connie:

    I’m glad to read you had a nice time with the shows. I was worried the cancellations of some of the shows might have affected you, coming all the way from the Netherlands.

    The Farrucos should hire a better management team, that’s for sure.

    Thank you for your visit :razz:

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